About us

Secret Brisbane – all about Brisbane’s secret history, people, and places.
It’s about the small things – the things that anchor us and give us
our sense of place. It’s about ‘community’.


Brisbane River from Kangaroo Point


A brief history

The idea for Secret Brisbane had its beginnings back in 2014, in a small roundabout way, when Susan Prior began work on a hyperlocal magazine for the suburbs of Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda, Oxley and Tennyson. Called Living in The Shires, this little pocket-sized magazine packed a punch; it looked beautiful and was well-received by the 12,000 homes and businesses to which it was hand-delivered. Living in The Shires told the fascinating stories from those six suburbs, including articles about the area’s rich history, the amazing residents, and the secret places tucked away that no one bothered to stop and visit.

These are the stories of the small things, the things that matter in a world of unattainable glamour and rampant consumerism.

By September 2016, Living in The Shires had been short-listed for a Publish Australia Award, in the category for a publication with a circulation less than 20,000. But, sadly, funding for the magazine ceased in December 2016 and the magazine closed. Undaunted, and realising that there was no other platform for these stories, Susan decided to record them and keep them together in one place. And so it was that Secret Brisbane was born in January 2017.

Secret Brisbane is about all the things that don’t make it into Brisbane’s local publications. It is about the things that are important to our community, that anchor us and give us our sense of place. It is about our history, our people, and our places. It’s hyperlocal; it’s about the small stuff.

We hope you love finding about the small things as much as Susan loves writing about them.

If you have any story ideas, or you would like to submit an article, email Susan Prior: susan@secretbrisbane.com.au. She would love to hear from you. This is a community project, so, unfortunately, she can’t pay. It’s all for the love! 

Monty Dog

P.S. And the logo? That is Monty Dog, Susan’s westie, complete with the kink in his tail where a dinner guest trod on it many years ago. He’s rather proud of that kink, and Susan always knows which direction he is going in, because it points the way!