Lest we forget

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I dash about my daily life very often with little thought about the lives of those who have gone before. So when I decided to write something about this significant monument in Sherwood I took a little time to visit, to contemplate, and to try and imagine.

Walter Taylor’s beautiful church

Down in suburban Graceville is a white-iced confection of a church. It was bequeathed to the area by the remarkable Walter Taylor. This is its story and a small chapter of his, too. Walter Taylor leaves an indelible mark on Brisbane, passing on a legacy of buildings, small and large, as well as the bridge that connects the suburbs of Graceville and Chelmer – his home turf – to much of Brisbane. 

The lazaret at Peel Island, Moreton Bay

Peel Island, now known as Teerk Roo Ra is in Moreton Bay, east of Brisbane, and is a place of great cultural heritage. It was once home to a lazaret, or leper colony. Today it is a national park and a conservation park, jointly managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the island’s traditional owners, the Quandamooka People.

60+ Shades of Grey

For many men retirement can be challenging. The work routine to which they have become inured over the years evaporates. Retirement can mean a major lifestyle change for which many are unprepared. You may be interested to read how this group of men, the Disgraceful Greys, have approached their retirement.

The Fort Bushland Reserve

The Fort Bushland Reserve is one of the few remaining lowland dry vine forests left in Brisbane, which gives it a special botanical significance. It is home to swamp wallabies, bandicoots, echidnas and squirrel gliders, and there has been a proliferation of native bees and butterflies, and other insects.

Tracing the history of The Fort

The Fort Bushland Reserve is on the corner of Cliveden Avenue and Fort Road, Oxley. It is the only part of that suburb to abut the Brisbane River, and quite impressive a spot it is, too. Situated high on a bluff overlooking the Mermaid Reach of the river, it is adjacent to the Rocks Riverside Park, in Seventeen Mile Rocks.

Nancy on Nolan

Nancy Underhill is a Brisbane local, a writer, an art historian, and a curator; she also helps organise opera schools (the Lisa Gasteen Opera School here in Brisbane), and I suspect, a great deal more.